Tod Foley

Tod Foley is a game designer, writer, editor & interactive developer, founder of the web studio As If Productions, and publisher of As If Books. He’s created content and documentation for a wide variety of commercial and indie games, digital products and software systems, developed over 100 websites and online environments for entertainment and e-commerce clients, and served as editor for both fiction and nonfiction publications. He’s the author of numerous roleplaying games including CORE Micro (2020), Other Borders (2016), DayTrippers (2015), Watch the World Die (2014) and CyberSpace (1989), curator/editor of the UbiquiCity project (2017), designer of the GII Award-winning online World of South Park for Comedy Central and the Ocean Voyager edutainment game for Times-Mirror Magazines, writer/producer of the live interactive theatrical presentation Ghosts In the Machine (CyberArts International, 1992), and Senior Editor of PIX-elation magazine (1993-1996). Tod’s work involves the application of systems logic to creative challenges and narrative engineering, from roleplaying games and simulated worlds to emergent stories and gamification.