D. M. Dore

D. M. Dore wanted to be a superhero growing up (still does) and uses that dream to create characters with supernatural abilities, witches coming into their powers, and creatures fighting their inner demons. Creativity and a wild imagination livened up her childhood as she and her five siblings put on homemade plays and pretended to be characters from children’s books. Writing became a new form of growing and sharing her imagination. Her first novel “Living Nightmare” is book 1 of The Other Side of Gifted series, and takes readers into a world where there is a thin line between what is a dream and what’s reality. She also has a short science fiction story titled “Playing with Dolls” included in UbiquiCity Book 2: Undercurrents (available from As If Books).

She is currently working on book 2 to The Other Side of Gifted series. Check out her website at dmdore.com.