About As If Books

Straddling the imaginary line between Genre and Literature, As If develops and publishes works of thought-provoking fiction, exploring the human condition against a variety of backdrops, ranging from the disturbingly mundane to the shockingly bizarre.

As If Productions was founded in 1992 by writer/game designer Tod Foley, originally focusing on LARPs, interactive media and online environments.

Here on the outlying edges of speculative fiction, we revel in the weird, the allegorical, the philosophical, the experimental, and the MetaModern.

As If Books was spun off in 2014 as a publishing imprint, to produce and distribute printed fiction and tabletop roleplaying games. Today our products are distributed globally by Ingram Content Group, and available at many online retailers.

Science Fiction + Supernatural + Magical Realism + Experimental + Bizarro + PostModern + MetaModern + Speculative + Fractopian
Novels + Anthologies + Roleplaying Games

“Certain streets have certain corners;
Sooner or later we’ll turn yours.”

— Brian Eno

“You might not like it now but you will.”

— Adam Ant

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