Vidome 123

Vidome 123


Drir is a planet of poisonous swirling mists and intense humidity. Wisps and dark clouds of blue and green gases drift casually about without mixing, like oil and water, creating layers of shadow and subtle motion as far as the eye can see in all directions. It drips with mystery and plays havoc with visual perception.

The PCs are pitted against bizarre shape-shifting lifeforms on a mysterious and dangerously hostile planet in a distant galaxy, where they will find a murder mystery waiting to be solved. This adventure is designed to let the PCs show off a variety of skills while simultaneously giving your players the creeps.

Vidome 123 is a DayTrippers adventure module for 2 or more players. The tone is dark and spooky, with serious threats from inscrutable foes (both human and alien), and the plot is open-ended. This module is recommended for DayTrippers with at least one previous mission under their belt.

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