War on a Distant Moon

War on a Distant Moon is a Spacemaster 2nd Edition adventure module.

Fighting for their HomeWorld with little to lose, the rebels of the Tayan Liberation Front have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with. Although Darran Provincial garrisons have been tripled, the rebel bases remain hidden and the terrorist attacks continue. Rumor has it that the Church has requested Imperial aid in the crisis. Can the Viscount of Darran retain control of his crumbling Province?
For three centuries the Royal House of Darran has held control of the moon Tayah and its precious organic resources, despite the presence of Clan Tsoros, a race of aboriginal humanoids. The once peaceful cohabitation has now degenerated into guerilla warfare, as the Tsorosians attempt to throw off Darranian rule.

This module includes detailed descriptions of the worlds and cultures of the Darran province, star charts and terrain maps, current events and important persons, and five ready-to-run adventures that place you in the center of the action!

  • What begins as a straightforward locate-and-rescue mission proves to have more than its share of surprises.
  • A trek across Tayah leads to encounters with alien lifeforms, City Guards, and death squad terrorists.
  • A search for ship parts turns up much more than spare sensor grids.
  • A race across 1200 kilometers of rough, freezing terrain in the midst of an Imperial siege sounds easy enough.
  • Attempting to get out of the system, you find that there’s just the small matter of an orbiting Imperial Gunship Squadron.

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