UnNatural – A CORE World of Supernatural Adventure

Monsters, ghosts and demons are all real. You know this, because you kill them.
Most people have no idea any of this is going on, and you like it that way. Let them sleep peacefully.
You’re the exception. The oddball. The watcher. The hunter.
Fortunately, you’re not alone.
Scattered throughout the underground and living on the fringes of society, you and your comrades-in-arms – a tightly knit network of dedicated monster hunters – form an invisible line of defense, protecting the world of normals from the unimaginable evils that lie in the darkness.

UnNatural is the new world book for the CORE Micro roleplaying engine. This book includes new Skills, Gear, and Rules for supernatural investigations. It also adds new rules for magic rituals, spellcasting, and magic items, as well as plenty of UnNatural monsters you can use – or create your own!


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UnNatural is based on the CORE MICRO system, a hybrid RPG SRD for character-driven emergent stories.

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