UbiquiCity 2: UnderCurrents

Beneath the smartglass towers, hovering drones and digital advertisements of Union City’s corporate elite, life on the streets follows its own cyber-organic rhythms…

» Powerful corporations fight wars through proxies, and digital reality is the battlefield

» Scrumblies and Discons do what it takes to survive in the streets and squatter towns

» Investigators and their AI assistants pursue leads through worlds both real and virtual

…and every day, myths and tragedies are played out in digital realms of which most are unaware.

Return to the city of ubiquitous computing, and learn how the other half lives.

Stories by Irene Bassett, Brad Cole, D.M. Dore, Jens Durke, S.L. Koch, G. Dean Manuel, Adrian McCauley and Rick Rosenkranz paint a collaborative picture of our augmented future world.

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