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Welcome to 2017, and welcome to a new way of supporting the work of As If Productions! Over at Patreon, I’ve divided my projects up into separate pages, allowing Patrons to choose the projects they’re most interested in supporting. Please check ’em out, every bit helps and there’s always lots of work to do!

The following projects are seeking your support at Patreon:

  • AsIf – the central AIP Patreon account, aka the skunkworks.
  • DayTrippers – expansions, supplements and adventure modules.
  • Fictioneers – directory of small-press RPGs and Storygames.
  • StoryGameSpace – online PBP system for enhanced literary play.
  • UbiquiCity – collaborative near-future sourcebook and anthology.
  • 3StringGuitar – just what it sounds like.

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