Shawn Koch

Shawn “SL” Koch roams the wild plains, grazing on corpses left over from the great Climate Change Apocalypse. He has determined to write speculative fiction in just about every genre, and to make it as weird as possible. His idols Carlton Mellick III, Philip K Dick, Piers Anthony, David Foster Wallace, H. P. Lovecraft, and Robert A. Heinlein have all been praised by very clever people, so that’s a good start.

SL studied more things than he should have, and has become a human sponge of pop culture. Getting too close to SL threatens to pull you into his gravitational force, adding you to the collective. He is responsible for Unjudgable, Liquid Hitler, and Fragments 1: Handjobs for Satan and Other Weird Tales (available from As If Books), and his stories have been included in various collections including Trumpocalypse, Enter the Shadowside and the UbiquiCity series.

To reach SL Koch, capture a carrier pigeon from a sworn enemy and waterboard the beast until it agrees to fly a note down into to Tartarus where the prisoner’s cell is located, OR send an email to