Project Ubi Enters Development Phase

Have you ever curated an anthology? How about curating an anthology that’s written collaboratively while writing a GM’s sourcebook based on it? Anybody? Beuller?

Well, I’m doing it right now, and it’s – uh – it’s a lot. It’s YUGE.

But it’s going pretty well so far, and this week I opened up all the social media pages and made the announcements: Project Ubi is underway!

WTF is Project Ubi? Fair question.

The Project Ubi team is a group of writers and game designers whose are collaboratively creating a detailed and internally consistent near-future city: UbiquiCity. This city will be written and published in two ways: (1) as an anthology of short stories, and (2) as a GameMaster’s Sourcebook for any science fiction roleplaying game.

Writers and worldbuilders on the project team include:

  • Niko Carcosa
  • Antony Copeland
  • Tod Davies
  • DeAnna Knippling
  • S L Koch
  • Shariann Lewitt
  • Adrian McCauley
  • T Reynolds

…and Tod Foley (that’s me!)

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