Malandros Stretch Goals

The Kickstarter campaign for Tom McGrenery’s Malandros has funded, and I will be writing one of the stretch goals: a modern magical reality piece called Other Borders.

Other Borders

There are borders everyone sees: the looming fence with its sporadic observation platforms, the tags claiming this block or that in the name of a local gang, or the wrought-iron fences surrounding gated communities. There are borders that are only real in our minds, like the imaginary lines that divide country from country, or one race from another. But in this sleepy little town, another border reveals itself to those who are gifted with the power to see it: the veil between the worlds. Even today, the old ways of magic are still taught, visions and transformations are still practiced, and opposing clans are locked in a daily battle that no policia would understand.

Journey into a modern world of ancient conflicts, where secret rituals, divinations, animal sacrifices and hallucinatory drugs are gateways to the other side. The people here move in two worlds, and reality is more flexible than it seems.

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