Luminarium One: Dark Evasion

How far would you go to get what you want?
Pursuing the justice they desire, three desperate people from very different backgrounds find themselves on dark paths of their own making. As their lives become mysteriously intertwined…

» Rogue spy Trevor McVee, dumped on a hostile planet and left to die

» Ex-war hero Jenna Ridley, searching for a new rebellion

» Shape-shifting assassin Windicott Ames, sent to kill a girl whose powers he cannot explain

The strange, harsh planet of Luminarium might hold the key to changing their lives forever, but the closer they get to what they seek, the further they drift from what they need.The LUMINARIUM series explores eternal spiritual themes in a galaxy-spanning future empire straight out of the Golden Age of science fiction. Author Rick Rosenkranz blends faith and science in an exciting and fast-paced romp through a colorful far-flung future.

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