HYPER-ANNOTATION #001 Now Available

Featuring a variety of avant-garde works ranging from glitch writing to posthuman porno, the latest release from writer/publisher/musician Kenji Siratori also happens to include a short story of mine: “The Upper Bound of Fractal Infederation.” Other contributors include wayne mason, alan sondheim, d.m. mitchell, ellie chou, made in dna, francisco borges, giselle bolotin, bec lambert, n.casio poe, sophia yung, tom bland, dan mcneil, kirill azernny, hallidonto, hister grant, cæla Ⓥ, david roden, zak ferguson, andrew c. wenaus, kristine snodgrass, akua, miyazaki tatsuya, charles thomas carter, david kuhnlein, julio aliseda, alvin tung, pharmakustik, timothy burns, matt burns, and shaun lawton, with cover art by akua.

You can order it from the POSTHUMAN MAGAZINE website:


CW: Graphic Content, Body Horror, Sexual Trauma, Existential Decrepitude

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