As If Games

With a multi-media background covering everything from tabletop roleplaying games and interactive theater to computer adventure games and online virtual environments, As If Games explore the possibilities of dynamic narrative spaces and open-ended fictional worlds of pure imagination.

The Caladena Resort Project
A dangerous science-fiction adventure on a terraformed alien planet. [PDF ONLY]
Starburst Mall
Shinobi Village
An ensemble game about secret ninja drama, with a resolution system based on “Rock-Paper-Scissors.”
Far Above the World
A Modern-Day Orbital Space Survival Adventure for one Player and one GM. [PDF ONLY]
Retro Horror Plotfield Generator
A system-agnostic supplement for creating Retro-Horror-inspired PlotFields. [PDF ONLY]
CORE NOIR Plotfield Generator
A system-agnostic supplement for creating Noir-inspired PlotFields. [PDF ONLY]
A CORE world of Modern-Day Supernatural Monster Hunting
CORE Micro
This simple and unique roleplaying game system fuses traditional concepts & narrativist techniques for character-driven emergent story.
A CORE world of Far-Flung Posthuman Adventure
Watch the World Die
A collaborative narrative game allowing any number of players to create their own custom apocalypse. There are no winners, and everybody loses. Get ready to ruin everything.
Other Borders
A DramaSystem game of drugs, money and magic in the modern American southwest.
Black Hole Run
A tactical adventure of scientific experimentation around a stellar black hole. [PDF ONLY]
Golden Age Adventures
An anthology of 16 roleplaying adventures based on "golden age" stories by famous science fiction writers of the 1930s-50s.
DayTrippers GameMasters Guide
A toolkit for creating surreal sessions that take place in weird worlds and other dimensions.
Less Little
A comedic and surreal adventure in a world you may recognize from literature. [PDF ONLY]
Vidome 123
A murder mystery on a mysterious hostile planet in a distant galaxy. [PDF ONLY]
DayTrippers Core Rules
The Surreal Science Fiction Reality-Hopping RPG by Tod Foley

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